A few quick updates

Just wanted to get a quick blog post in. I’ve been writing a lot recently on Instagram about hard work and dedication. It pays off. Trust me. Maybe not in ways you expect. But it does. Keep your eyes focused on your goals and eventually, you will see them in plain sight. Just some updates: […]

A quick thought on Hemingway

I stumbled across an awesome Medium post today. Writer Zat Rana explains how Hemingway went from zero to hero. Or, how he went from a struggling journalist to an all-time great. It’s an inspiring piece for writers, entrepreneurs and side-hustlers alike. Please give it the full read at Medium. I want to pull out this […]

Short story: The Beautiful Survivors

For Jalice For Randy Cooper, night lasted almost as long as the day. The scorching sunlight faded behind the rolling hills of the rural plains before he even woke up. When his eyes snapped open, his son Jackson was already wide awake, stoking a mediocre campfire with a sappy stick. He twisted the wood against […]

Should everyone write a book?

I wanted to do a quick blog post on a Quartz article I read the other day. Quartz writer Ryan Holiday says, quite bluntly, that “not everyone should write a book.” The article details how people shouldn’t jump to writing books even though it’s relatively easy to do so. Anyone — including yours truly — […]


  The following flash fiction piece was unedited. This is raw writing at its finest. It sets up the story seen in my latest novel, “A New Day.” You can read “A New Day” right now by downloading it on Amazon. BEFORE THE DAY I don’t really know what I’m doing anymore. I’m sitting here, […]

SHORT STORY: The Melting Wall

This story originally appeared on Medium. The Melting Wall Iron Pen competition submission I hate the cold. Don’t get me wrong. This Massachusetts-born stallion can ride his way through blizzards and whipping wintry winds. A walk through snow-covered sidewalks is like a walk on the beach. But I hate the cold. Not because of the temperature. […]